Our short time in Switzerland was spent being overwhelmed with its idyllic surroundings. We arrived late in the evening to our Wilderswil Airbnb, but were graciously hosted complete with wonderful conversation and dessert. The next morning we explored Interlaken and took a cable car to Harder Kulm, allowing us spectacular views of the city and Jungfrau, the “Top of Europe”.20161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG00120161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG00820161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG00320161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG02320161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG02220161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG02120161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG007One of our favorite parts of Switzerland included the homes. Each house built in similar fashion, yet each were individualized by the color of the shutters, flowers adorning the walls or gardens planted. Even the goats or sheep roaming the yards varied just a little, giving neighborhoods a quaint, cohesive feel. 20161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG01920161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG01620161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG01320161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG01020161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG009We took the short train ride to Lauterbrunnen where we meandered into the valley, finding Staubbach waterfall, small farms and postcard perfect properties. We opted out of taking the cable car to the top of the mountains, the clouds were dense and low the day we were there, blocking any views we were hoping to see. 20161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG04720161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG04820161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG04420161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG03620161010SWITZERLAND_BLOG01220161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG04220161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG038Everywhere we went, we could hear the clamoring of bells. From tinny ringing to deep echoing, the bells around the necks of the livestock clang in an orchestra of sounds. We loved it so much we stopped at an antique shop and I bought a large bell for my dad. We carried that bell around Europe and I don’t regret it for a moment.20161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG02820161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG02520161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG04020161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG02720161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG02920161011SWITZERLAND_BLOG050We rented a car and left Switzerland, leaving crisp blue skies and a desire to revisit.

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