Cinque Terre consists of five villages along the Italian Riviera coastline. As per usual, we didn’t go with a plan but with the option to hike or take the train between the wonderfully saturated towns, the days flew by. Enjoy only a fraction of the photos we took, I could not resist every angle of every home.

We traveled by train from Florence to La Spezia onto Corniglia. We stayed in an Airbnb in Corniglia and hiked to Vernazza then Monterrosso al Mare the first day. As the sun was setting we took the train back to Corniglia.

We suggest purchasing a Cinque Terre card, it covers the train and bus fare and entry for hiking fees. The train stops at all five towns frequently however the buses only stay local to each town and do not travel in between. The trails open and close intermittently, so be sure to check if the routes you want are clear. The following photos are in no particular order and taken from any of five villages or in between. 20161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02820161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG012.jpg20161006CINQUETERRE_BLOG00420161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG00620161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG00920161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG00820161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG01520161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG019Costello Doria20161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02020161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02120161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02220161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02320161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02620161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG02920161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG03020161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG03420161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG03920161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG04320161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG04420161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG04620161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG04720161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG05120161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG049Corniglia at sunset.20161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG05220161006CINQUETERRE_BLOG00120161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG05420161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG05520161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG05920161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG06020161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG06120161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG073AND LOOK WHO WE FOUND!!? Chris and Shauna met up with us for our last day on the coast. We hiked and ate gelato and caught the sunset together, traveling with friends really is the best way to do it.20161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG06220161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08420161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG06320161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG06420161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG06520161007CINQUETERRE_BLOG031.jpg20161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG06620161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG06820161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08320161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG07520161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG07620161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08020161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08120161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08220161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08720161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG08820161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG09120161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG09320161008CINQUETERRE_BLOG090

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