I’ll attempt to make this short and sweet, naming the places we visited but not in detail. 20160930VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG001My best friend Sara has been involved in the wine industry since college so Italy was the perfect place to integrate her passion with their trip. We were just lucky enough to be there. In south Tyrol/northern Italy we toured two vineyards. J. Hofstätter being the first.20160930VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG006





20161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG018Abbazia Di Novacella was our second stop.20160930VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG01020160930VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG01120160930VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG01320161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG01720160930VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG01420161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG02020161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG02120161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG02320161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG02620161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG02720161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG028A few cuties we found in Italy. 20161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG03120161001VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG03020161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG038Venice wasn’t even on our radar but Sara and Dustin had plans to visit so again, we tagged along. I would love to tell you where any of the next series of photos took place…but we were constantly lost and I truthfully have no idea.20161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG03720161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG03620161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG04220161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG03320161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG03920170126VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG08420161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG04520161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG04420161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG04620161002VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG047Unfortunately, we were only in Venice for one night but I am so glad we added it to the trip. The memories made there were some of our favorites. We left the next morning and sadly parted ways from the Soekers, Florence being the first place we would explore just the two of us. 20161003VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG05020161003VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG051Florence Cathedral20161003VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG054Mercato Centrale20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG05720161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG060Gustapizza will forever hold our hearts…and our bellies.20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG05820161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG001Sunset view from Piazzale Michelangelo20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG061Ponte Vecchio20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG06220161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG064Piazza della Signoria at night.20161004VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG05620161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG065I developed an obsession with lemon Fanta…but I can’t seem to find it in the States.20161003VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG05220161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG08520161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG08620161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG067Uffizi Gallery20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG090.jpg20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG07120161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG07020161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG091.jpgBoboli Garderns20161005VENICE&FLORENCE_BLOG059As if Italy couldn’t get any better, we took Maile and Jesse’s advice and hopped a train to the coast. Check out our next entry if you want to be inundated with pixels.


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