I don’t know the best way of doing this. I don’t even know a good way of doing it. So, I am just going to wing it and see what happens. Ha, that’s funny, this is exactly how our trip to Europe worked out.

The next few entries will be focused on a trip to Europe we took in the fall of 2016. We wanted one last hoorah before we left Hawaii to travel in our van. We were planning on a trip to New Zealand and realized a trip to Europe would bring a lot of opportunities to travel with and visit friends. Our landlords from Hawaii would be in Germany, the Simonses would be backpacking Europe, the Soekers would be visiting Germany and Italy, our friends from college had just moved to Cambridge, my cousin Jake was living in Manchester and the Myerses were living in Sweden for the year. We couldn’t NOT go to Europe. We did very little planning because of all of these opportunities. We knew when and where our friends would be and decided to wing the rest. For that reason this is NOT a “How to travel Europe on a budget post” or a “48 things to do and see in Europe” this is more of a “Here are a million photos of our trip to Europe so we don’t forget what we did and saw” post.

Our photos are a combination of iPhone SE, Canon AE-1 35mm, Canon 5d mkiii, using only the 24-70mm lens and luckily a few taken by our friend Chris Simons. We will happily answer any questions and fill in as many blanks as we can but overall these posts are just for fun and making me feel like I have purpose right now.

As I post each country or region, I’ll hyperlink them in this post.

First up, Germany and Austria!





Italy Pt I


Italy Pt II












2 thoughts on “EUROPE 2016

  1. Oh my goodness sister. Your pictures still amaze me after all these years. You have a wicked good talent. I am so happy you and Tim got the chance to travel over seas!


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