Like many stories about the transition into an alternative lifestyle, you hear about a need for change, for clarity, for mindfulness.

Before you read this know that Tim and I wrote our intros for Savannagon separately, he didn’t know I had started one and I was shooting a wedding when he wrote his. I found his draft and it brought me to tears, it’s short and to the point and exactly how I feel. If you haven’t read his yet, do that first…then if you like, read mine. You’ll see how all of this makes sense for the both of us.

Like many stories about the transition into an alternative lifestyle, you hear about a need for change, for clarity, for mindfulness. Tim has been committed to the US Army for twelve years (including ROTC) and now, with the chance to make decisions based on his own will, we really don’t know what we want next. We LOVE Oahu and miss our families in Nebraska, but no one place or career is calling loud enough.

We don’t think that there is a better time for this.


You see, we have been toying around with this idea for over two years. It started with the hopeful joke about living in an Airstream. After we dug in we started to realize our needs and limitations, we wanted this to be our reality. Living simply with no restrictions. This Vanlife movement may seem like a hippy dippy fad, but we really believe that having less and doing more may be the answer to our insatiable appetite for things. Vanlife means freedom for us. Freedom to see our loved ones and explore this nation (world) like so many of us talk about but never do.

We found Savannah in a fateful Craigslist ad. Everything about her was perfect.


In early 2017, we will embark in a cross country journey. We will be at the mercy of Savannah, a 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon, willing her to as many National Parks, driveways of loved ones and dead ends as possible. We will camp and explore, I hope to photograph the journey, and my hope for my husband is that he finds his passion. Tim puts everything into his job right now and has from the beginning, I’m excited to see where else that determination will take him.


We will be blogging about this transition, our journey and would love to answer any questions you might have.

4 thoughts on “WHY VAN LIFE? PART II

  1. I love you both so much!! I am so excited to witness this journey of yours. And, of course, hope to see you along the way. You seriously inspire me.


  2. I hope Savannah can handle the rockin 😉 and of course the terrain of all the land you will cover on this wild adventure!!!


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